This website is owned and managed by the Director General´s Office – International Affairs at the Swedish Public Employment Service (PES), Arbetsförmedlingen. It mainly targets staff working at the PES who are planning or managing EU-funded projects, however, others are welcome to be inspired by the website. The support functions and mechanisms connected to the website is only for the PES.

The website was created within the framework of the European Social Fund project Evidensbaserade EU-fondsprojekt 2014-2020 (English translation: Evidence-based EU-funded Projects 2014-2020). The projects purpose is to produce a model for the Swedish PES that ensure that more of our EU-funded projects are possible to be evaluated, with a special focus on counterfactual evaluation. The model is presented on this website with a guide on how to prepare and perform a counterfactual evaluation of EU-funded projects owned by the PES. This includes, for example, support structures for public procurement procedures and implementation.

As mentioned above, the website and method targets staff at the Swedish PES, but if you have any questions you are welcome to contact the International Affairs unit at the Swedish PES through our e-mail address,